Getting Sharp Photographs

Photographers have always strived for Sharpness in their images. Over the last few decades high quality lenses and cameras have helped with that goal. But nothing can replace good technique for best results.

There area number of things the photographer can do to ensure maximum sharpness in the photograph.

Ladakhi Girl Portrait. Eyes are in sharp focus.

  1. Using a Tripod. - If there is any one single tool that can help achieve the best results..that is a good tripod combined with a good tripod head.

  2. Proper Technique ;

    a. Using the correct aperture settings to get the desired depth of field and thereby a sharp subject.

    b. use a shutter release or the built in timer on 2 second mode when using the camera on a tripod to. prevent camera shake.

    c. Use a fast enough shutter speed specially when shooting handheld. I would recommend at least 1/250th of a second till you gain experience on shooting at lower shutter speeds.Be balanced and still while releasing the shutter. Correct technique in the field will prevent a lot of disappointment later.

    c. Hold the camera firmly with one hand while you squeeze the shutter release rather than jab or poke at it to prevent camera shake if shooting hand held.

3. Use a good quality lens . Keep the from and back elements of the lens clean . Also keep the sensor safe from dust. change lenses in a safe and windless environment.

Practice shooting good shooting technique till it become second nature to you. This will allow you take consistency sharp pictures which can be printed and enlarged and still look good.

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