5 Days in Prague, Bohemian and Saxon Swiss International Parks

During October 2017 I had an opportunity to travel to Amsterdam to participate in  an Art Fair. As always I was looking for Photographic opportunities and decided to make a short side trip to Czechia for 5 days.

I have been wanting to visit Prague and nearby Bohemian and Saxon Swiss International Parks which are a couple of hours drive away looked very interesting photographically. 



Getting to Prague

Prague,CZ is well connected and many international airlines fly to Prague.

My Itinerary

Chennai-Heathrow- Amsterdam on BRITSH AIRWAYS

Amsterdam - Prague on KLM

Prague - Amsterdam KLM

Amsterdam to SG on BRITISH AIRWAYS

Where to Stay

Food and Drink

Useful Tips

What is in my Camera Bag

Canon 5D Mark iv Body

Leica X camera

Canon 70-200mm f2.8 Lens

Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Lens

Day by Day

Day 1 Travel from Amsterdam to Prague

Day 2 Exploration of Prague Old City

Day 3 Day Trip to Bohemian Swiss and Saxon Swiss International Parks

Day 4 Walking around Prague City Square and Charles Bridge.

Day 5 Charles Bridge and Old City

Day 6 Travel from Prague to Amsterdam