"-29˚CELCIUS"  A COFFEE TABLE BOOK

The Inspiration

Lapland can also be described as the land of 8 seasons, Christmas , Frosty Winter , Crusty Snow ,  Departure of Ice  , Midnight Sun , Harvest Season , Colourful Autumn , First Snow .

February typically experiences the coldest days of the year. During this season the landscape is covered in a blanket of white from Frost, Snow and Ice.

That “Winter Wonderland" is what I set out to capture during mid February earlier this year.

In this series I have attempted to share with you the same sensory feelings I experienced in those sub zero temperatures as I stood there taking in the cold clean winter air and trekking in ankle deep snow past Frozen Streams, Intimate  landscapes, snow covered cabins and magical frost covered trees . 

Have I succeeded in doing that? That is a question only the viewer can answer. 


The Book

The Book showcases 30 Exhibit Quality Images from Lapland in wide format.

The Book is a Hardbound Book with Dust Jacket.with 60 pages.

Dimensions: 15" x 12" or 37.5 cm x 30 cm

The large size allows the details in the images to stand out.

The Book is a Limited Edition Book that will be signed by me and comes with a personal note.


                                                                                                 Sample Page

                                                                                                 Sample Page

The Project

The Initial print run of 50 Books were sold out within 3 days during my Exhibit. Now I wanted to share this book with a larger audience and decided to print a larger run of 450 Books as a limited Edition.

I have teamed up with a professional Publishing House who will be helping me with the Publishing and Distribution.

I have created a project on Kickstarter to raise funds for the High Quality Offset Printing which requires a substantial outlay of funds.

You can view the project here. If you are interested in backing this project you can become a backer through kickstarter.

or Preorder the Book Here.



The Backers

These are the people who support my work or photography in general.

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